Small Business Growth and Development

The founders of SBNS Networking are small business owners themselves.

We understand issues such as:

  • Not enough hours in the day
  • It’s tough to find great salespeople
  • How in the world do I balance a business and a family?

We also know that we’re not alone!

Small business owners often have more things in common than we would ever imagine.  Whether you run a bakery, an accounting office, or a landscaping company, the same issues and questions will often arise.  At SBNS it’s our goal to help businesses “crack the code” on many of these issues through effective collaboration and group discussions.  Have you ever heard of a “Mastermind Group”?  What if rather than set one up, you could just show up and participate?  Well now you can!

How Will SBNS Help to Grow Your Business?

SBNS Networking is designed to help small business owners improve the experience of being (and becoming) an entrepreneur.  When entrepreneurs are asked why they started their companies, they will often say things such as:

  • I wanted to work for myself
  • I wanted to control my time (and vacation more)
  • I wanted to spend more time with my family
  • I wanted to make more money
  • I wanted to stop answering to someone else

All of these are reasonable things to WANT out of running a business.  However, in reality, running a business is usually tougher than people think – especially in the early stages.  Often these original wants become something quite far from reality – but it doesn’t need to stay this way.

Have you ever met (or been) an entrepreneur that – instead of the list above – had more of the following happening:

  • No time to do anything for myself
  • No control of my time – too many fires to put out
  • Not enough time to spend with my family
  • Not making enough money – despite being self employed
  • Now answering to clients instead of a boss
  • Not ENJOYING the experience of running a business

Have you ever met an entrepreneur experiencing those things?  Have you ever experienced some of them yourself?  Well – you’re not alone – and you shouldn’t be!

Running a business can be an incredible experience – and a great adventure.  When it feels like things are falling into place and the stars are aligning, it’s really an amazing feeling.  But these moments don’t happen by accident.  They happen when business owners develop clear plans and great ideas – followed by excellent execution.  And sometimes all it takes is one idea – yes, just ONE – to really turn the tides in your favor.