Small Business Networking in Calgary

Are you interested in making new contacts to help your business grow?  Interested in an affordable way to extend your reach in the Calgary market?  If you said “Yes!”, than SBNS is for you!  SBNS Networking is focused on creating excellent networking opportunities for small business owners in Calgary, as well as providing valuable educational opportunities to help you improve your business.

At SBNS Networking, we believe that the old school ways of networking are outdated, and need to be refreshed.  So while we are still focused on connecting small business owners to one another in an effort to increase business and opportunities, we also believe there is a better way to make it happen!  SBNS prides itself on a new approach to business networking events, where rather than just exchanging business cards and chasing down mildly warm leads, you actually make sustainable connections with other members, and build lasting relationships that can really benefit your business.

What’s Different About SBNS Networking Events?

If you’re a small business owner, there’s a very good chance that you’ve attended networking events, or “minglers” in the past.  A whole bunch of people show up, you make awkward small talk to kick off a conversation, and everyone “pitches” each other on their business.  It’s sales focused and everyone is trying to generate business for themselves, often resulting in no business happening anywhere!  Occasionally, you will meet a perfect prospect for your business, and the timing will be “just right” to make that connection.

However, how many times have you attended these events and dedicated hours to the process, only to find yourself throwing out business cards over the next few days, as you realize how few of them are legitimate opportunities?

SBNS Networking offers a completely different approach to small business networking.  Our meetings are intended to be more interesting – and more fun – than anything you’ve attended in the past!  With a solid meeting structure focused around all members improving their businesses – not just generating leads – group members will develop stronger, more authentic relationships with other entrepreneurs in the group.

As we discuss important business topics such as marketing strategies, business systems to increase efficiencies, and controversial topics such as raising your prices or outsourcing,  group members will really get to understand how other members think – as well as their real life experience with these topics.  While we dive deeply into these topics, members will benefit from a collective base of experience from everyone in the group.  Discussions will get quite detailed, and it will be extremely difficult to attend a meeting without leaving with some valuable ideas.

If you’re interested in a different approach to networking for your business, and you want to develop meaningful relationships with other business owners, then SBNS might be just what you’re looking for!