Get free Instagram followers now

Are you new in your Instagram market and searching for tactics to give a tough competition to the market leaders? Well, it indeed isn’t easy, however it’s not impossible. Competing with firms that have years of experience in the field with thousands and millions of likes and followers is beyond question a challenge. There’s a shortcut, and you have come to the right place.

Instagram is the most engaged social network in the world, with almost 1 billion active users. Instagram can be used as a tool to push brands, businesses, and individual accounts. It’s a place to interact with totally different communities, and so much more. Engagement rates became vital for users to get the true value of the app, which is why it’s so important to get followers on Instagram.

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Twitter and the News: how people use the social network to find out about the world.

How does Twitter change the way individuals get news? What sorts of thought leaders, journalists and organizations do people follow on the network? How are these Twitter followers different than those on other social networks? And how are people reacting to added components on Twitter, like advertising and promoted tweets?

At a moment when the network is poised to make a number of changes, the American Press Institute and Twitter, in collaboration with research company DB5, have produced a new study that probes the relationship between news use and the Twittersphere.
The study, which involved an online survey of over 4,700 social media users, finds that Twitter users tend to be heavier news consumers than other social media users. News, indeed, is one of the first activities that they engage in on the network.

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Facebook currency ‘clearly a threat’ to big banks, finance sector.

Australian banking executives have described Facebook’s plan to develop its own cryptocurrency as a clear threat to the business, however payment experts were skeptical regarding its potential impact on the local financial sector.

“They’re not the first company to launch a crypto payment solution, however they do have large reach obviously through their Facebook platform,” said NAB’s business banking Chief Anthony Healy.

“With a billion plus users on its platform, it’s clearly a threat.”
With over a billion users on its platform, Mark Zuckerberg’s crypto payment strategy at Facebook is clearly a threat.

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